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Killers of the Chaparral

Killers of the Chaparral! This 1933 animalistic thriller (re-released in the 1940s) was certainly one to remember. A Dave Biedermann Production released by Astor Pictures that documents and follows the life of savage animals in their natural habitat. "Cunning...Treacherous...They kill to survive!" This fantastic nature documentary is certainly one you don't want to miss. Very rare, you'll be hard-pressed to find another one of these fantastic stone lithographs. Art by Jack Savage. 

Condition: Original fold lines have been professionally restored. Minor border tears and discoloration and fading. Border stains and minor border tears have been restored. Bold, bright colors as issued. Conservation mounted on linen.

Year: c.1944 - 77 years old

Size: 27.25" x 41.0" (69cm x 104cm)