Caesars Palace, Hand Colored Engraving (1842)

A marvelous birds-eye view from the original Caesars Palace, located in Rome Italy. The palace was originally built on the Palatine Hill by Emperor Augustus and is also widely referred to as the House of Augustus, or Domus Augusti in native Italian. This beautifully detailed, hand finished engraving is from a collection titled Costume Antico e Modern (Outfits of the Ages and Modern Time) by Dr Giulo Ferrario. Dr Ferrario made it his life's work to compete and document clothing, customs and culture from around the globe and across the ages. His fascinating depictions allow us a rare peak at age-old fashion and architecture worldwide. Published in Florence, Italy in 1842. Over a century and a half ago! 

Size: 5 1/2 x 9"  

Condition: Age appropriate wear. Paper toning in accordance with the print's age. Marks/stains as per photo. Wear around the edges and minor paper loss might be present in some prints. Please refer to each print's photo to get a better understanding of the condition. Very light text offsetting.