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Boom! The 4th Liberty Loan (1918)


Here's one you don't see very often, a c1918 poster for the infamous 4th Liberty bond for WWI, which ironically was defaulted upon during the Great Depression. "Boom". According to Wikipedia, the first three Liberty bonds were retired during the course of the 1920s. However, because the terms of the bonds allowed them to be traded for the later bonds which had superior terms, most of the debt from the first, second, and third Liberty bonds was rolled into the fourth issue. Unfortunately, when the US Treasury called the fourth bond on April 15, 1934, it defaulted on this term by refusing to redeem the bond in gold, and neither did it account for the devaluation of the dollar. The 21 million bond holders therefore lost approximately 41% of the bond's principal. A fascinating artifact indeed. 

Size: 27.75 x 40

Condition: Near Mint. Conservation mounted on linen.