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Bepi Fontana

Although a French showman, Bepi Fontana was one of Italy's most celebrated actors, musicians, and directors during the late first and second half of the 20th century. Well known for his role as a trumpeter in his personal orchestra, Fontana traveled the span of Europe performing for international audiences worldwide. What a repertoire! 

Gaston Girbal's artwork shines as it captures front-man Fontana in all his glory. Girbal's artistic choice to add primitive line drawings adds a timeless touch to detail the orchestra without taking away from the main graphic. 

This rare piece of artwork is perfect for the musician in your life. 

Condition: Very Good. Original fold lines have been professionally restored. Border wear. Small border tear in lower left quadrant. Conservation mounted on linen. Soft rolls on the linen backing will lie flat when framed. 

Year: c.1945 - 77 years old

Size: 24.0" x 32.0" (61cm x 81cm)