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Le Dame de Chez Maxim

The lights are low, the air is triumphant. Ravishing Moulin Rouge dancers take center stage as Maxim's restaurant operates at the exterior. "La Dame de Chez Maxim" is a French 3-act farce written by Georges Feydeau that was first produced in 1899. The show takes place at Maxim's restaurant and focuses on the complications that ensue when a respectful citizen entangles himself in admiration with a dancer, after drinking too much champagne of course. Hold on...does that say starring Zizi Jean Marie?! What a lucky monsieur. 

Once again famed poster artist, and costume director, Rene Grau steals the show with his artwork. Golden hues cascade the exterior as La Dame, dressed to the nines in crimson, parades across the stage at the Palais Royal. Stealth silhouettes line the lower repertoire as all eyes are locked on the lady of the night. This artwork captures Parisian nightlife at its most prominent. This will be a fantastic vintage addition to any space.

Condition: Good to Very Good. Horizontal fold line present and other minor creasing. Prior tape damage in the upper corners. 

Year: c.1966 - 56 years old

Size: 15.0" x 23.0" (38cm x 58cm)