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Rizzi Padova

The year 1950 was a time of great change. Wars were ending, and the world's attention turned to rebuilding their lives in peacetime. This same energy is reflected by companies who were seeking out new markets with captivating, dynamic artwork. 

The Rizzi factory in Padova, Northern Italy aimed to please your palate with three of their lead products: a Bitter as an appetizer before or after dinner; Pinalpe for those who enjoy sweet and fruity drinks mixed with cream and lemon sodas; and Crema Marsala, the perfect beverage to get you energized, invigorated and ready to go. 

This 1952 stone lithograph is a work of art. Each enthralling color choice is guaranteed to capture every eye in the room. A staple for the refined, alcohol aficionado in your life. Graphic art by Chisea Udine.

Condition: Very Good. Minor printer spots, very subtle fading. Border wear and very slight paper loss in the upper right corner. Conservation mounted on linen. Deep, fresh colors. 

Year: c.1952 - 69 years old

Size: 27.0" x 39.0" (69cm x 99cm)