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Chianti Campani

The year is 1955. Chianti Campani's famous red wine has captivated the country. Known for its sweet taste and keen ability to keep you dancing, Chianti Campani was exclusively sought after by those in search of lively, lighthearted evening splendor.  

A cheeky, guzzling garden gnome is seen as a reoccurring symbol on Campani beverages. This little fella must have the best taste in town!  Perfect for the refined red wine fanatic in your life. Also note the Droste effect, where the gnome icon also appears on the bottle! 

The perfect addition for the wine aficionado in your life. 

Condition: Very Good. Slight border fading. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1955 - 67 years old

Size: 27.25" x 38.5" (69cm x 98cm)