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Naughty New Orleans

What could possibly happen in the French Quarter after dark? Just ask the lovely locals that revel in provocateur and call Bourbon street home; the madams of midnight. 

"Naughty New Orleans" is a film directed by Sidney Baldwin that was first released in 1954. It offers a spicy peak into the working-girl lives "that sleep all day because their job is to play all night!" The scandalous, seductive, sought-after strippers of New Orleans of course.

If you're interested in "the charm of New Orleans in all of its gorgeous glowing color" this fantastic 1959 re-release poster is for you. The deep, scarlet foreground allows the luscious, ladies of the night to be the focal point of the graphic! Ready for hanging! 

Condition: Very Good. Slight rolls and soft creases, will be softened when framed.  

Year: c.1959 - 63 years old

Size: 25.0" x 38.0" (64cm x 97cm)