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Russian State Circus

The Russian State Presents their annual circus! This fantastic artwork boasts playfulness at its finest. In the 1960s The Russian State circus came equipped with tight rope walkers, magicians, animals... and so much more! This rare poster is advertising the circus' premiere show taking place in both Leeuwarden and Frieslandhal, Netherlands. 

Printed by Grijseel, Rotterdam. 

Condition: Good to Fair. Original horizontal and vertical folds. Minor border wear especially in the upper left border. paper framing hinges affixed to the rear of the poster, on the top border. Minor stains and fading. A stain on the rear of the poster has bled to front in the title area . 

Year: c.1960 - 62 years old

Size: 18.5" x 25.5" (47cm x 65cm)