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Evolution (1989)


A poignant poster from Russia during the Perestroika period. "Evolution" by artist Sergey A. Uvarov. The 80's were a time of great transition in Gorbachev's Russia (along with his glasnost reform), as private capital started to trickle in, and a deeper chasm between the "haves" and "have nots" began to surface. Although Soviet children were brought up with the rejection of materialistic values, the 80's and 90's tempted the populace, and as the youth began rejecting Communist ideology, they in turn embraced the temptations that a capitalist society could provide. This poster captures all of this change, and depicts a child's evolution and the wants of a toddler (GIVE me… a drum, a kitten, candy); an adolescent (GIVE me… a ball, a cartoon, a puppy); a teenager (GIVE me … a video game, sneakers, rock-and-roll); and a young adult (GIVE me…. a trip, a condo, a Mercedes Benz, a promotion). 

A fantastic piece of Russian history. 

Size: 22 x 34"

Condition: Near Mint