Mossant by Leonetto Cappiello (1935)

Stunning! Leonetto Cappiello does not disappoint. This magnificent stone lithograph advertises the French brand Mossant Hats. Known widely as “The Father of Modern Advertising”, Cappiello redefined marketing with his fine artistic skills, fresh ideas and endless pockets of innovation. 

As you can tell from the brilliant graphic work on this image, Cappiello took his time with each and every color choice. This image and its soft yellow backdrop instantly invite you in. The crimson lettering is held in perfect harmony with the three neutral-toned hats cascading bellow it. Note the center glove... Capiello’s whimsical choice to add a cheeky lemon-colored glove with a pop of pink quickly draw the attention of the onlooker. What a masterpiece! This authentic original is guaranteed to capture every eye in the room. Signed by the prolific "Cappiello" on the bottom right corner and mounted on linen. 

Dimensions: 47 1/4 x 62 1/2"

Condition: Very Good. Minor border wear and stains. Unobtrusive scuffs. Conservation mounted on linen.