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Alcyon, Tour de France

Wow! This incredibly rare gem shows Belgian racing cyclist Odile Defraye. Defraeye was the very first Belgian cyclist to win the Tour de France and was the first non-French member to join Alcyon’s road-racing team for publicity purposes. Defraye participated in a total of six tours between 1909 and 1924. Resulting in Alcyon’s team winning the Tour de France 4 times!

This incredible graphic shows elite road-cyclist Odile Defraye racing between dangerous lynx and surrounded by the French countryside. Snow-capped mountains border the graphic as they allow Defraye’s Belgian-national jersey to be the highlight of the landscape. How unique! This gorgeous work of art is sure to capture every eye in the room.  Not to mention...this stone lithograph was published in 1912 and is over 100 years old! 

Condition: Good. Minor border wear and stains. Various scuffs and stains. Prior to restoration, the several rips and torn paper on the upper left quadrant.  Other tears and creases have been professionally restored. Conservation mounted on linen. The main graphic colors are still bright and vivid. 

Year: c.1912 - 110 years old

Size: 62.75" x 47.5" (159cm x 121cm)