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Need to ship a poster to us? A word about packing...

When packing up posters to ship to us, we ask that you follow these steps to ensure there is no damage during transit. 

  1. Always use outer wrapping paper (thick kraft paper is perfect) to protect the edge of the poster. If the edge of the poster is not protected, the entire border will get wrinkled (this is probably the most common damage we see). Note in the photo below that the kraft paper extends beyond the actual poster edge by at least an inch or two. 

  2. Once the poster is rolled, lightly fasten it with tape so it doesn't unroll in the tube. 

  3. The actual mailing tube should be a few inches longer than the rolled up poster. Enough bubble wrap or crumpled paper should be placed on each end of the tube so the rolled posters do not not move around or hit the ends. 

  4. Make sure the end caps fit snugly, and they are well taped to ensure there is no chance of opening during transit.