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Framing your poster or print

Similar to original artwork, vintage posters and antique prints should be carefully cared for and framed using proper conservation methods. Here are a few tips:
  1. Do not dry mount, stretch, or permanently affix your vintage poster to any other boards, as these methods are likely irreversible and will detract from the overall value of your poster. Conservation linen protects and strengthens each poster’s backing; the backing itself has already been stretched.

  2. If you are interested in matting your poster, only acid-free and conservation matting should be used. Backing the poster is no different, we highly recommend that you have an acid-free barrier in place. An acid free foam core board is very effective and can be placed behind any barrier.

  3. If you are interested in hinging your poster for matting purposes, only use acid-free tape to do so. Please do not use masking or other strong adhesive tape as it could cause lasting damage to the poster.
  4. If you’re framing a large piece, we highly recommend that you reinforce each frame corner. Larger frames can be hung with side hooks or cleat brackets rather than wire for better support and avoiding stress on the frame. Additionally, Plexiglass is a popular choice for larger pieces as it is lighter in weight. If Plexiglass is used, we highly recommend that you ensure it is UV-filtering, as this will be most effective in protecting your piece against sun damage.
  5. If you are interested in trimming your linen-backed poster for framing, leave at least 1/4” of the canvas showing. This will be hidden by the lip of the frame. Never trim the poster image itself, which can significantly affect long term value.
  6. Please keep in mind, not all vintage posters were printed perfectly square, in fact it’s quite common to find the borders slightly off register.

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