Authentic Vintage Posters and Antique Prints

Framing Specifications for Vintage Posters

Your artwork is an investment. A high quality custom frame will create a sealed environment, which will protect your artwork from dust, which is acidic, and from moisture. Please frame your posters to archival standard so they will last another century.

Choosing a Frame

Choose the best frame for your piece. We recommend finding a moulding that relates to the poster, emphasizing a shape, color or texture in the artwork. Stacking frames is a great look for larger posters. You can also choose a moulding paired with a fabric wrapped liner. Smaller posters can be framed with matting. Either paper or fabric wrapped mats can be used, or they can be framed to size.


Posters should be backed with acid free material. Acid Free Foam Core or 4 ply rag are the best backing materials. Artwork must be mounted using a hinge. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR FRAMER TO DRY MOUNT ANY ARTWORK. Glues are acidic and will damage your artwork.

Frame and Barrier Work

You can choose to frame your poster ‘to size’, with no matting, or to mat the poster. Mats must be acid free. Frames, which are wood, are by definition acidic. If the artwork is framed to size, the framer must add an acid free barrier between the frame and the artwork to avoid ‘burning’ the poster. When posters are framed to size, the framer will trim the linen backing to the edge of the poster. Your frame should show the printers information and the margins of the poster, as these are important parts of having an original piece.


Posters should be glazed with Plexiglas. UV filtering Plexiglas or OP-3 will protect your artwork from fading and is highly recommended. Do not frame using glass. Glass can trap moisture, whereas Plexiglas breathes. 


Large posters have D-Rings on the back. Smaller posters have wire stretched between the rings. DO NOT ADD WIRE TO THE D-RINGS ON OVERSIZED FRAMES. Adding wire will put too much pressure on the corners of the frame and will cause the corners to pop out.


Please feel free to call us anytime with questions, or to call one of our recommended framers. Our framers are conservationists and museum framers and will be glad to answer questions or offer suggestions.