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Our Story & Our Team

Meet Vin

Authentic Vintage Posters was founded by Vincent Villano, an entrepreneur and self-admitted graphic arts zealot. During his decades long career running marketing departments and then building a successful eCommerce firm (Clarus Commerce), Vin became enamored with graphic design and illustration, and vintage graphic art in particular. He's also an avid endurance cyclist (over 90,000 miles in the past 10 years) and a rabid LA Kings fan.

(one of his) FAVORITE POSTERS: "This vintage calendar pin up really started the whole thing. My wife gave it to me as a gift, and I couldn't get over the nostalgia, the history, and the reality that the culture and attitudes of days gone by (both good and bad) can't hide from ephemera. I started to collect more and more incredible graphic art and then decided to build a vintage poster gallery... and here we are!"

Meet Sam

Sam handles the finances, scheduling and inventory management... basically everything that keeps the place from falling apart. She's a licensed CPA and loves travel, yoga and all things cooking (including some killer sour dough bread).

(one of her) FAVORITE POSTERS: "This French window card from the 1930's is awesome! Growing up in the Philippines and then moving to SoCal, I've only seen snow a few times. This window card for Comoz Chambéry Vermouth (c1930) has incredible graphics, and I just love the weather contrast to our beautiful gallery in La Jolla."

Meet Claudia

Claudia handles our research, product descriptions, fulfillment, inventory management and a whole lot more. She's also an artist, has traveled the world, lives for fashion and is an avid bird watcher!

(one of her) FAVORITE POSTERS: "When I first saw this French Sonora Radio poster (c1960) I instantly loved it. The text reads "Those who know select Sonora", and doesn't the look on her face say it all... and the fact that that she's dripping in diamonds backs that up!"