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Feria de Paris

For over 110 years, thousands of visitors flock to the Paris Fair in the springtime. 

"Foire de Paris" (in its native French) is known for being one of the most famous marketplaces on earth and is held in the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Park. 

In this one-of-a-kind marketplace, you will discover the hidden corners of cultural gastronomy and worldwide innovation. Everything from high-end vacuum cleaners, to your next favorite piece of art (Hint: it's this poster), can be found at this multicultural fair that champions craftsmanship.   

This poster features a beautiful representation of the entrance to the Parc at the Porte de Versailles (where the Fair is held). These bold colors dance proudly under the concentric circles of the moonlight.

The authentic 1930 stone lithograph is the perfect addition to play up your living space! Art by C. Commarmond. Printed for and by the Foire de Paris. 

Condition: Very Good. Restored horizontal fold lines. A slight tear has been repaired in the lower right. Three faint dots are scattered in 2nd right quadrant.

Year: c.1930 - 91 years old

Size: 25.75" x 39.75" (65cm x 101cm)