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Loterie Nationale

The French Loterie has a complicated history. King Francis of France debuted the Loterie Royale in 1539, however over the decades public opinions shifted and the lottery suffered from a series of closures. After a long absence, the lottery was revived in 1933 by a government in need of funds. A notable French artist, Edgard Derouet (who studied with famed poster designer Paul Colin), was commissioned to create a campaign to promote the new venture. Derouet did not disappoint, and the famous "jumping man" campaign was born. This clever campaign, which features lottery winners jumping for joy in various scenes, was used for several years and became an instantly recognizable icon for the brand. After a pause once again during WWII, the lottery continued off an on over the years, but always maintained the tradition of using notable artists to design their posters. 

These French Lottery posters are whimsical and fun, and we hope you enjoy browsing the collection. 

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