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Our Wissembourg collection includes several remarkable vintage images created by the C. Burckardt company in Weissenburg, France from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Founded in 1835 by Jean Frédéric Wentzel, the printing company distributed it's popular imagery all over the world. These colorful and often whimsical lithographs were the "new media" of the 19th century, and a wide variety of topics were presented. Religious figures, news items, children's cut out games and other local subjects were all common themes. Burckardt's famous caricatures provided a humorous interpretation of political personalities, folk tales heroes and other festive characters. A series of life size "carnival" panels were also printed in the late 1800's, which were used as decoration for halls, ceremonies or other public events. 

We hope you enjoy the unique, fanciful images in our Wissembourg collection. 

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