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A poster in mint condition looks like it just came off of the press. It will have no blemishes or defects of any kind. It can be folded or rolled, depending on the original packing method (most movie posters were sent folded).

Near Mint

A poster in near mint condition may have minor imperfections in the border only. The artwork is in excellent condition with no blemishes whatsoever.

Very Good

A poster in very good condition may have blemishes in the border and up to approximately one inch of the poster's artwork. There may be small tears in the artwork along the fold lines only. It may also have minor fading. In general, a poster in very good condition may show some wear and often will project a subtle classic vintage vibe without detracting from the artwork.


A poster in good condition may have tears or small holes that measure no larger than a quarter on the outer edges of the poster's artwork. Pieces of the border may be torn or missing or have holes; there may be mild bleed-through in the outer area of the artwork; there may be mild fading. In general, a poster in good condition will have minor blemishes around the border and into the outer edges of the artwork. The major area of the artwork will be clear of any blemishes. Some people actually prefer this type of poster, which definitely shows some age and character. 


A poster in fair condition may have major blemishes that directly affect the artwork of the poster. The poster is recognizable and the artwork is primarily intact. A poster in fair condition can benefit from professional restoration.