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DEFA Studio

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10 Jahre DEFA-Studio fur Trickfilme Dresden (literally translates to "10 Years DEFA Studio for Animated Movies Dresden"), the 1965 East German poster promoting an exhibition which was held at the Staatliches Museum fur Volkskunst in Desden, East Germany. Note that this poster features the art of the devil holding a flower. DEFA was the state-owned film studio of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) throughout the country's existence. DEFA was founded in the Spring of 1946 in the Soviet Occupied Zone in eastern Germany and was the first film production company in post-war Germany. While the other Allies viewed a rapid revival of a German film industry with suspicion, the Soviets valued the medium as a primary means of re-educating the German populace as it emerged from twelve years of Nazi rule.

Condition: Very Good

Year: c.1965 - 56 years old

Size: 16.5" x 23.25" (42cm x 59cm)