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Beasts, Monsters & Deformities- Five Antique Engravings

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Five very rare copperplate engravings featuring illustrations of beasts, monsters, and physical deformities were printed in 1662, over 345 years old. The engravings are from the 17th century, 12 volume encyclopedia titled "Physica Curiosa" written by a scholar, Jesuit priest, and scientist Gaspar Schott. The volumes covered a wide variety of subjects, trying to explain the curious intersection between the beliefs and superstitions of the time along with the pioneering texts of the early "Scientific Revolution". Numerous richly illustrated copper engravings were included in the volumes, including these rare prints. In his foreword, Schott writes, "Other people have reported the wondrous things that I am writing down here - yet they only tell. But I put most of it on the scales of truth and separate the true from the false, the real from the fake, and then I try to investigate the causes of the individual phenomena".

A spectacular piece of history and early attempts to better understand the scientific world.

Condition: Age appropriate wear. Paper toning in accordance with the print's age. Marks/stains as per photo. Wear around the edges and minor paper loss might be present in some prints. Please refer to each print's photo to get a better understanding of the condition.


Year: c.1662 - 359 years old

Size: 6.0" x 8.0" (15cm x 20cm)