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64e Paris Motor Show (1977)

The Paris Scooter and Motorbike show brings together the entire world's two-wheeled industry for one incredible event at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, France every two years. "Salon Dy Cycle et Du Motorcycle" as it is known in its native French, is a world-renowned exhibition that was first inaugurated in 1898. Wow! Over a 120 years ago.

Advertising the 64th annual meet-up of the international gear-head phenomenon, this vintage poster certainly highlights the the stars of the show. The artwork by the iconic poster artist Herve Moran moves brilliantly as it illuminates the heroes at the heart of this worldwide affair: bicycles and motorcycles.

Size: 15 1/4 X 19" 


1977 - 44 years old
15.25" wide by 19.0" high
289.75 square inches
Very Good. Minor border wear and tears.

Full artwork and mounting

Note: those are magnets, not pins :-)