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In 1936, Majorca was a contested island between the Spanish nationalists, the Spaniard's republicans, and Italian fascists. The poster advertising an amusement park in Coves del Drac on eve of the Civil War offered entertainment for all to enjoy until it became clear that this would be one side's final victory over another.

This stunning stone lithograph is truly a time encapsulation of the past. Beautiful artwork of a Wizard with a mischievous dragon by Ferran Taxidor and published by I. G. Valdot in 1936.

Condition: Very Good. Minor stain at top edge, a few innocuous creases. Border wear. Linen backing has slight rolls that will come out once framed. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1936 - 86 years old

Size: 26.25" x 39.75" (67cm x 101cm)