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Bière Du Lion

“Bière du lion” or The Beer of the Lion, is a brand of French beer produced by Richard Freres breweries. Contrary to popular belief, in this case, "The Beer of the Lion" is renowned for being a non-alcoholic beverage! Who would’ve thought? 

We can’t help but love this canary yellow full brimmed hat (could it be a Mossant?) worn by this gluttonous beer connoisseur. The gold-toned yellows of this frothy beer are beautifully offset by the navy background in this authentic linen-backed lithograph. This whimsical graphic will be the highlight of any space. Artwork by the master poster artist Eugene Ogé. 

Condition: Good to Very Good. Older linen backing, but still well preserved. Minor border wear and fading. Repaired border tear on the left side. Margins previously trimmed. 

Year: c.1909 - 112 years old

Size: 23.0" x 31.75" (58cm x 81cm)