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Calamint & Balsam Apple Plants - Antique Print

A very rare original 16th century print from the 1543 German edition of De historia stirpium entitled New Kreüterbüch. This page contains two large woodcuts, one printed on each side, with later hand coloring.  The Calamint and Balsam plants are depicted. In 1542 German physician and botanist Leonhard Fuchs published De historia stirpium (On the History of Plants). Fuchs employed the best artists then available- Albrecht Meyer did the drawings, Heinrich Füllmaurer transferred them to the woodblocks, and they were cut by Veit Rudolph Speckle. All three are depicted in the book, the first time that book illustrators are themselves portrayed and named and the artists' self-portraits appear on the final leaf. 

Fuch’s work and its beautiful illustrations affected a revolution in the natural sciences, comparable to that of Copernicus in astronomy and Vesalius in anatomy, both of which were published the following year, 1543.

A fascinating snapshot of the evolution of science documentation, printing, and history. This fantastic print is over 475 years old. 

Condition: Age appropriate wear. Paper toning in accordance with the print's age. Marks/stains as per photo. Wear around the edges and minor paper loss might be present in some prints. This page contains two large woodcuts, one printed on each side, with later hand coloring. Please refer to each print's photo to get a better understanding of the condition.

Year: c.1543 - 478 years old

Size: 8.75" x 13.5" (22cm x 34cm)