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Deauville American Film Festival

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The Deauville American Film Festival highlights the diversity of American cinema, from major Hollywood productions to independent films. 

Located in Deauville, France, it is the only European festival of this scale that opens its doors to the public. Each year there are more than one hundred film presentations on three sites: The Center International de Deauville, Le Cinéma du Casino Barrière and Le Cinema le Morny (Deauville Official Site).

Artistic depictions of American patriotism have long been a staple in the United States. They can be found on everything from flags to t-shirts, but one particular medium has remained popular for generations: artwork. In this iconic poster design by famed artist P.H. Bonnard we see a patriotic woman dripping in regality and pride. She is pictured over an open sea with both deep blues and tri-colored apparel. 

This original film exhibition poster is perfect for the movie-enthusiast or patriot in your life. 

Condition: Very Good. Border creases in lower quadrant. Soft creases. 

Year: c.1987 - 34 years old

Size: 19.75" x 25.5" (50cm x 65cm)