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Era Margarine

Era Margarine, the shining star of dairy in Switzerland. Era Margarine boasts a family recipe for butter unlike any other. If we get anything from this gorgeous graphic it's that this bountiful butter is sure to improve every one of your recipes! 

This vintage poster shows a cherry-nosed chef with all eyes on his delightful scoop of dairy. We are loving the soft yellows of the margarine held in contrast to the red blocked graphic in the foreground. The dark blue exterior allows for the whites of both the chef and the text to leap off the paper. What a lovely image! This authentic poster is the perfect addition for the chef, dairy enthusiasts, or cook of the family! 

Condition: Very Good. Conservation mounted on linen. Faint printer blemishes in the upper right quadrant. Original folds have been professionally restored. 

Year: c.1935 - 87 years old

Size: 37.5" x 49.5" (95cm x 126cm)