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This larger-than-life poster for Geisweiler wine is dripping in Art Deco sophistication. Geisweiler, a renowned brand of sparkling wine, was founded in 1804 by Francois Geisweiler in Burgundy, France. The neutral beiges cascading the grandiose bottle allow for the French wine to be the soul of the image, or “L’ame Même De La Bourgogne”…the very soul of Burgundy.

Artist Lajos Marton was a Hungarian poster artist who used typography and contrasting colors to capture attention and dance with the eyes of the viewer. A bold and elegant statement for your home.

Condition: Very Good. Border wear and printer stripes on the border. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1921 - 101 years old

Size: 47.5" x 63.0" (121cm x 160cm)