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George Supreme Master of Magic

George, the Supreme Master of Magic, takes center stage on his Triumphant American Tour. Cards cascade from his fingertips as devious devils dance below. His face, lit by moonlight, quickly captures every eye in the room. The world's kept mysteries and monuments line the foreground of this marvelous magic advertisement.

What will the Supreme Master of Magic have up his sleeve next? Buy a ticket, sit tight, and find out for yourself. 

This bold, colorful, stone lithograph is the missing piece to your favorite space. Not to mention, this magical work of art is almost over 100 years old! 

Condition: Very Good. Great colors. Conservation mounted on linen, repaired creases and tear in the top section. Minor scuff restoration in the top right corner. 

Year: c.1929 - 93 years old

Size: 26.75" x 40.25" (68cm x 102cm)