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Source Parot

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This Art Deco classic truly transports us to the deep sea. Source Parrot, a French sparkling water brand, has used fish and sea-monster-inspired labels since its inception in 1890. Georges Favre took the companies traditional seal and transformed it into a Cubist-inspired deco serpent in this vintage classic. 

The rich blue foreground in this image is beautifully offset with the aquamarine sea creature grasping a crisp, bubbly bottle of Source Parot water. This original stone lithograph boasts its brilliant colors proudly. Printed by Créations Affiches in Gaillard, Paris.

Condition: Very Good. Minor creases have been professionally restored. Minor border fading and tears. Minor printed stripes. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1930 - 91 years old

Size: 46.25" x 63.0" (117cm x 160cm)