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Gran Cava (1955)

Shake it like a salt shaker! If this lively vintage poster says anything to us... it's that Gran Cava sure knows how to throw a great party! 

Located in the Alt Penedès, Rovellats is a winery that grows and produces quality Gran Cava champagne. Located near Barcelona’s city center, Rovellats Winery has created some of Spain’s best Champagne for over 150 years-- their secret you ask? Harvesting the grapes by hand of course!  

This stone lithograph glows with details. Each stylistic choice painting a picture worth a thousand words. This bold 1955 classic is ready for hanging!

Size: 27 x 39" 

Condition: Very Good to Near Mint. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Full artwork and mounting

Note: those are magnets, not pins :-)