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The Jazz Singer (2001)

This poster is a reproduction poster of the The Jazz Singer, directed by Alan Crosland in 1927, is widely regarded as the very first talking film (or “talkie” as they called in in the early 20th century). Contrary to its Talkie status, The Jazz Singer is a musical film detailing entertainer Al Jolson's life story. 

Important Note: This poster is from the "S2 Art Group" who refurbished 100 year old stone lithograph presses, allowing them to produce nearly perfect replicas of classic movie posters. They were printed in exactly the same way the posters were originally produced. This poster was produced in 2001, but is a fantastic iconic image produced on the same machinery that would have created the original poster. Very unique! 

Size: 27 x 41" 

Condition: Very Good to Fine.