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Wissembourg Pompier (Firefighter) no. 8028

Another wonderful Wissembourg original celebrating Firefighters, "Jederzeit hilfsbereit" (Always ready to help). This image shows the brave fireman carrying a baby down a ladder to safety, as flames rage in the background. This unique stone lithograph was printed by the C. Burckardt printing company in Wissembourg well over a century ago, in the Alsatian region of France. The poster is part of a series featuring various German firemen. The printer's stamp is located in the bottom right and is numbered 8028. For the firefighter in your life!

Condition: Very Good. Age-appropriate toning, printer stripes in the left-hand margin. 

Year: c.1890 - 131 years old

Size: 25.0" x 33.0" (64cm x 84cm)