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King Kong Escapes- Yugoslavian Release

King Kong escapes! This 1967s Yugoslavian thriller follows the fierce rivalry between King Kong and his newfound enemy MechaKong! (Machine-Kong) Released in the US in 1968, this film stars Rhodes Reason, Linda Miller, Mie Hama, Akira Takarada, and Eisei Amamoto. This film debuted at Adria Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. 

"The world hands in balance as King Kong fights the King Kong robot!" Who will win? Watch it and find out! 

This cult-classic movie artwork is the perfect addition to your home. 

Condition: Very Good. Faint creases scattered throughout. Light horizontal and vertical folds. Printer stains in the upper right-hand quadrant. Minor border wear.

Year: c.1967 - 55 years old

Size: 19.5" x 27.25" (50cm x 69cm)