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Loterie Nationale- Tranche Historique

A whimsical lithograph commissioned by the Loterie Nationale (French national lottery) with art by famed poster artists Derouet and Lesacq in 1939. This lottery took place in collaboration with the 8th lottery drawing and had an emphasis on French national history. If you look closely, one can easily recognize the iconic horseshoe-shaped entrance to the Palace of Fontainebleau in the Ile de France region, south of Paris. 

Not to mention the Derouet and Lesacq's famous "Jumping Man" steals the show in this vintage classic. A joyful reoccurring figure in their artwork. The deep greens and coral accents on this stunning piece of art are sure to light up your favorite wall. Tres Magnifique! 

Condition: Very good. Minor border stains and one small border tear has been repaired. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1939 - 83 years old

Size: 16.0" x 23.5" (41cm x 60cm)