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Mantalo Raissac

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Founded originally by Hector Jam, Mantalo Raissac's distillery began marketing its liqueur in early 1854.Thirty years later, in 1881 under Francois Raissac’s direction, these alcohols soared in popularity and quickly became prize-winning beverages. The distillery was later passed down to Raissac’s sons to keep Mantalo-Raissac a family-owned and run operation.

This fantastic vintage window card is advertising the new "White Mint" flavor of Mantalo that is now "Se Trouve Dans Tous Les Cafes" ... found in all the cafes! We can't wait to try it. 

Condition: Very Good. Minor border wear. Faint horizontal printer's stripe. 

Year: c.1900 - 122 years old

Size: 14.0" x 5.5" (36cm x 14cm)