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My Name is Harlequin (1988)

Fantastic artwork! This Original Russian movie poster for the 1988 film "Menya Zovut Arlekino", issued as "My Name is Harlequin" in English speaking countries. Written by Valeri Rybarev this romantic crime drama starred Oleg Fomin (in the title role as Arlekino/Harlequin), Svetlana Kopylova, Lyudmila Gavrilova, Vladimir Pozhidayev, Stanislav Pshevlotsky, and Igor Kechaev. A wonderful vintage gem, from the Soviet Cold War era. 

Size: 26 3/4" x 39 1/4"

Condition: Very Good. There are horizontal fold lines as issued, and some minor creasing.

Full artwork and mounting

Note: those are magnets, not pins :-)