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Fred Zizi Aperitif Naturel

How stunning! This marvelous piece of vintage art advertises a French brand of wine—Fred Zizi. Fred Zizi was an all-natural brand of wine free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. An aperitif is an alcoholic beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, it is usually dry rather than sweet (Wiki). What a great idea!

In this graphic we see a pint-size blushing bellhop dashing to deliver a bottle of Fred Zizi to a lucky connoisseur. The magnified bottle of wine dominates the graphic with its angular figure and deep dark hue. Red colors pop on both the block lettering and the cheerful bellhop as they are cascaded by a canary yellow exterior. Art signed “E.F”. This authentic Art Deco classic is sure to steal the show in your home. Linen-backed and ready to hang. Art signed on the bottom right corner.

Condition: Very Good. Conservation mounted on linen. Very minor border fading and slight unobtrusive smudge in the lower quadrant.

Year: c.1932 - 90 years old

Size: 31.0" x 46.75" (79cm x 119cm)