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Balmain, Palais Galerie

Fashionistas rejoice! In 1986 the Palais Galerie celebrated 40 years of creation for timeless, iconic, worldwide fashion label - Balmain.

Pierre Balmain, the legendary designer who began making Parisian society swoon in 1945, was an architect in the art of dressmaking. His founding of the post-war fashion house, Balmain, pushed boundaries and is heavily responsible for the roots of couture we see in the modern day.

Balmain's design philosophy embodied a delicate balance between sophistication and elegance, often with formal overtones. His pockets of innovation and new-age creativity were endless. A true icon in the fashion world.

Art by famed fashion poster artist, Rene Gruau. 

This classic exhibition poster is guaranteed to add just the right amount of class, and regality to your favorite wall. 

Condition: Very Good. Soft background creases. Very minor staining on upper border. 

Year: c.1986 - 35 years old

Size: 15.75" x 23.75" (40cm x 60cm)