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Pas Op! Veilig Verkeer

Watch out for Traffic! Or "Pas Op! Veiling Verkeer".  This Dutch tire advertisement, sporting the native flag of Amsterdam, is warning you to look both ways while driving, (solid advice). 

The black, white and red colors on this original poster give us a clean, vintage vibe. (Not to mention they match the flag of of our favorite Dutch providence!) The perfect addition for the speed enthusiast in your life. Art by E. Vegter. Printed by Senerfelder in 1927. We've never seen another one of these, and we love it! Rare! 

Condition: Good. Minor Paper fading and age toning. Various scuffs and light blemishes. Conservation mounted on linen. Age in accordance with posters age. Minor paper loss in various areas has been restored. 

Year: c.1927 - 95 years old

Size: 31.25" x 43.5" (79cm x 110cm)