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Petukh (1966)


Great art deco inspired artwork for the Russian film Petukh (The Rooster), a 1966  family relationship comedy starring L. Kurbanmuhammedova, Barbara Soshalskaya-Rozalion, L. Blokhin, Aysaltan Berdiyev, and H. Annadurdyev. The screenplay was written by Khangeldy Agakhanov & Nisson Zeleransky, and the wonderful artwork of the boxing couple designed by the artists Ostrovski. Note the wife delivering an impressive uppercut. It appears this movie was never released in the US. Previously folded, the main image of this poster is in good condition, with some wear on the lower center fold line. We've never seen another one of these in circulation. 

Size: 21.5 x 34.5
Condition: Good

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