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Pignon, Galerie de France

The year is 1973. The location: Galerie de France. Esteemed artist Édouard Pignon debuts his new collection, "Les Nus Rouges" or "Nudes in Red" in English.  

Painter Édouard Pignon's work is renowned for exploring political themes, the working class, and the human form in series that unfolded simultaneously. 

Remarkably, Édouard Pignon and legendary artist Pablo Picasso formed an unbreakable artistic bond for the better half of 30 years; both fighting closely against the systematization of socialist realism in the early 1950s. 

Pignon “drew inspiration for new freedoms and high ambitions from his elder [Picasso] while knowing how to evade his domination.” (International Congress Of Art)

Throughout the later half of his career, Pignon made many aesthetic simplifications to his work, inspired by long time friend Picasso.  

This beautiful, elegant 'Nus en Rouge' will make a fantastic addition to any home. 

Condition: Good. Border wear. Various creases throughout. Page toning on the lower quadrant in accordance with age. 

Year: c.1973 - 48 years old

Size: 20.0" x 29.0" (51cm x 74cm)