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Port of New York

The 1949 film 'Port of New York stars Scott Brady and K.T. Stevens as two narcotics detectives tasked with investigating drug smuggling in the shadowy underworld sprawling beneath a city of millions. "No crime too justice too swift" is how director Joseph M. Newman described his grim portrayal on film to warn viewers against "the Merchants of Death who lurk in its shadows."

A must-see if you love a close look inside the world of organized crime syndicates. Filmed in co-operation with the U.S. bureaus of customs, narcotics, and the Coast Guard. This vintage classic is the perfect gift for New Yorkers or classic movie lovers! 

Condition: Good. Restoration of heavy fold lines (refer to photo zoom) and some paper separation along the vertical fold near the bottom border. General border wear and minor blemishes. Definitely a vintage vibe, but still with bright, vibrant colors. 

Year: c.1949 - 72 years old

Size: 28.5" x 22.0" (72cm x 56cm)