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Pearl Jam No Code

This poster promotes Peral Jam's fourth studio album "No Code", released on August 27, 1996, as well as live shows at London's Wembley Arena, in October 1996. The interesting graphics feature 156 seemingly random Polaroid photos. One of the photos is the eyeball of Dennis Rodman, former Chicago Bulls player and a friend of the band, while another photo is of Eddie Vedder's foot after he had been stung by a stingray. The pictures, when viewed from afar, blend to form the No Code triangle/eyeball logo that is the theme throughout the album. A fantastic poster for any Pearl Jam fan! 

Condition: Very Good to Near Mint. 

Year: c.1996 - 26 years old

Size: 20.0" x 30.0" (51cm x 76cm)