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Rita By Léon Dupin

Oh, la la! We spot some sweet desserts, or ‘Dessert de Choix’ meaning the desserts of choice! Rita Gaufres is a tasty French waffle company that sells artisanal dry waffles or wafflers filled with vanilla or honey. This whimsical work of art was designed by Léon Dupin, a French Art Deco painter, and poster artist. It was later printed by Joseph Charles Printing in Paris in 1933, where Dupin worked until 1936. Check out the top left corner for his signature. 

In this stone lithograph, we see a smiling pastry chef anxiously awaiting a mouth-watering treat. The pastry chef and super-size waffles are the focal points of the image as they are contrasted by a dark black background with bold yellow block text underneath in true deco fashion. 

Condition: Good to Very Good. Repaired horizontal crease in the lower quadrant, and other faint creases scattered throughout. Minor border stains and background blemishes. The main image is still bright and vivid. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1933 - 88 years old

Size: 39.5" x 55.0" (100cm x 140cm)