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The New Baby

"The New Baby, a Howling Success"! This comedy play opened in London in 1896, and later in the US where it was "chaperoned" by David DeWolf. This cheeky stone lithograph from 1902 features a very nervous-looking husband, and for a good reason... his grand plan in this comedy was to have an illegitimate son in London as a ruse to get away from the boring countryside (and his overbearing wife). Much to his chagrin, his wife wants to adopt the baby, thwarting his grand plan! Originally a German play written by H. Fischerby, it was adapted by Arthur Bourchier for the UK and US performances. Beautiful, bold colors, printed by the US Lithograph Company. 

Condition: Very Good. Two small border tears have been professionally restored and conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1902 - 120 years old

Size: 20.5" x 28.0" (52cm x 71cm)