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Fantastic artwork! This is the French release of Trapeze, a 1956 Carol Reed romantic love triangle thriller, featuring a big top circus show ("It Happens There In Mid-Air... In All Its Fire, Flesh And Fury)! Based on the novel by Max Catto and starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, and Gina Lollobrigida. An interesting fact:  Burt Lancaster had been a circus performer for several years prior to becoming an actor, and he had done both trapeze and high wire stunts in the circus, and he did almost all of his own stunts in this movie. In addition, the movie has the characters attempting to perform a "triple" which they say had only been performed by a very small number of performers. This one is a true gem. 

Condition: Very Good. The poster had a V-shaped tear at the middle cross fold and minor wear on the folds. Minor fading in the left and right borders and minor corner wear. Overall, the poster was in good to very good condition prior to being conservation mounted on linen. The poster was restored "in the European style", meaning that they did not do heavy restoration to the items described above. 

Year: c.1956 - 65 years old

Size: 23.75" x 31.75" (60cm x 81cm)