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Versailles Exhibition Poster, Marie Antoinnette

The ornate infrastructure and top-tier design of the Palace of Versailles is unmatched in the modern day. The beautifully constructed exhibitions at Versailles immerse you into life as it was hundreds of years ago - from clothes worn by aristocrats on a daily basis, glorious furniture that decorated their houses, to original artwork stealing the show around every corner.

One such exhibit featured the queen herself, Marie Antoinette, who lived during the peak of the palace. The extravagant lifestyle of the Queen and her court were captured in detail to create a vivid life-like illustration for visitors at the Marie Antoinette exhibit of 1955. The exhibition was designated onto two floors, with detailed sections leading to various rooms within the Palace, including Marie Antoinette's bedroom.

This stunning lithographic portrait advertising the exhibit was designed by Elizabeth Vigee-LeBrun's; it captures Antionette's divine elegance with its soft balance between high-contrast skin tones against darker fabrics. Printed by Mourlot Paris. 

This stunning and rare Parisian exhibition poster is the perfect addition to your favorite wall. 

Condition: Very Good. Soft creases. 

Year: c.1955 - 66 years old

Size: 19.5" x 29.5" (50cm x 75cm)