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Vieux St Jean

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Vieux St Jean; a magic, colorful city located in the heart of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

This stunning 1920's advertisement was designed to advertise Cognac, a type of French alcohol, produced by Sicard & Fils distillery. 

Cognac is a full-bodied, intricate type of distilled brandy named after the city of Cognac, France. The aromas of Cognac are derived from its aging process and vary greatly by region. It is made by taking freshly pressed grape juice, distilling it twice, and mixing in various ingredients amid production to create a distinct flavor. 

Fun fact: While brandy is in between in its distillation process, it is widely referred to as "eau de vie" or water of life! How funny. 

This colorful piece of art is over 100 years old and will look fantastic in your home. 

Condition: Good to Fair. Paper lifting in an upper and lower right-hand quadrant. Minor paper loss on outer edges. Slight water damage on the lower half. Various scuffs were scattered throughout. Bright colors as an issue

Year: c.1920 - 102 years old

Size: 12.0" x 9.25" (30cm x 23cm)