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Crate Labels

Original vintage fruit and vegetable crate labels are an interesting, affordable and colorful way to decorate with vintage! Our collection provides a wide selection of authentic crate labels from all over the world, dating from the early 1900s to the 1970s. Many are in unused and near mint condition. Framing these in a group adds a perfect vintage touch to a kitchen or any other favorite space. We love the cheeky graphics, ironic titles and wonderful illustration!

Cascadian Washington Pears- Crate Label (1940s)
Cheerio California Vegetables - Crate Label (1950s)
Conestoga Western Vegetables- Crate Label (1940s)
Flying Colors- Crate Label (1950s)
Frisco California Vegetables- Crate Label (1940s)
Garden Gate- Crate Label (1970s)
Goleta Santa Barbara County Lemons - Crate Label (1950s)
Hefty Vegetables- Crate Label (1950s)
Hilltop Washington Apples- Crate Label (1950s)
Independent Northwest Fruits- Crate Label (1940s)
Lake Wenatchee Apples- Crate Label (1950s)
Lucky Celery- Crate Label (1950s)

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